Constantine (0*):  5 feet

at 9.25 a.m.


Another late one caused by that seasonal rounds of doctors’ appointments, car MOTs and all that maintenance stuff that gets done at this time of year. But worry not, you’re missing nothing, not surfy, not here, not this morning!
The wind is moaning in, another chilly and twitchy north westerly, barging a few short downpours on to us while it junks out the surf. And the surf isn’t that big either, well not as big as was being forecast.
There’s maybe five feet of trashy junk surf out ether, a thick mix of froth and chop and slop. I don’t think that we would be keen if it was three feet or ten feet in these conditions!
The sky is starting to brighten though, making the option of a drive over to the other coast slightly more appealing. But I don’t know how big it might be over there? Still, it could just be worth a little look-see.

Harlyn (0*):  3 to 4 feet


That wild surf is blown raggedy around here this morning as well, the north westerly wind scooting straight in and toppling those three foot waves way before they’re ready.
With the tide dropping out quite quickly you have to think that conditions will only deteriorate even more as well, the lower tide exposing the surf to the full brunt of that wheezing wind.
Nope, it’s the south coast for sure today – if you want some clean surf that is!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:33  (1.5m)             High Tide:  19:25  (6.9m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 9th January 2015

The wind is forecast to slide back to the south west for today, onshore at the better breaks but offshore at our sheltered spots, so at least giving us the option of a local surf.
And it should be bigger too. Probably a good four to five feet at Harlyn.
So, a sand dredging, reeling and barrelling, chunky harlyn day of surfing!
Sounds like fun!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Those blustery conditions of midweek are likely to continue through the weekend as that series of low pressure systems line up to bombard us over the next good few days.
In fact we are probably looking at a couple of weeks or so of windy and wet, quite stormy weather.
The surf is likely to continue in the ‘big’ range of mixed up and mainly choppy stuff, the wind continuing to alternate between south westerly and north westerly as those lows bumble by. And it is going to be a strong wind for a lot of the time, not as strong as our Caledonian brethren are enjoying up on the tip of the isles but strong enough to give us a light battering.
So, all of that means that Harlyn is going to be the popular choice to surf this weekend!
Saturday could see a continuation of Friday’s conditions, those brisk northerlies making a mess of the surf conditions at most of the local breaks for most of the time. It could be worth a little look at Harlyn later in the afternoon but it is likely to be a bit lumpy and bumpy. Big enough but maybe a bit messy.
By Sunday the wind should be starting to back around more to the south west allowing Harlyn to strut its beach grinding stuff. But that might not happen until the afternoon. It could be worth the wait though, as long as it happens before dark!
And it is likely to stay that way well into the week, that south westerly blowing more swell our way.
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!