At 6.45 a.m:  

Constantine (1*):  1 to 2 feet  

A chilly nor’ westerly wind is blustering its way into the bays this morning, the sky a threatening weight of grey, a blanket of dull reflecting off the Autumn blue sea where a lazy foot or two of weak looking, crumbly surf is tumbling onto the sand.
Give it a few hours and we might be enjoying something brighter and cheerier and warmer but in the meantime stick an extra layer on if you’re out and about!    


Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot

That chill north westerly wind is grumbling into the bay again this morning, the gulls sweeping and cacawing their way across the choppy surface of a more wintery looking but almost flat sea.
It looks more autumn than summer but it is still peaceful and pleasant and somewhere you might want to stop for a while and just be.   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  19:32  (2.4m)              High Tide:  13:01 (5.9m)



Surf Forecast for Wednesday 18th August 2021  

The wind should ease up today, still staying onshore, still from the north west, still chopping the almost flat surf but with a brighter and milder and easier kind of a day to enjoy.
Well, if only for a moment or two here and there.    

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

North westerly winds are going to be blowing colder air our way as we go into this week, the small and weak surf being chopped and slopped at all of our local surf breaks right through the week.
It will be very much the end of the week before we see a windswitch, first to the south west and then the south, bringing warmer air our way but probably throwing a bit of dampness about the place too, while still not producing much in the way of quality surf at all.
So, a week to do other things, like catch up on all those jobs that were meant to be done when the surf was good?
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!