Constantine (1*):  3 feet

at 6.50 a.m:


It’s a bit colder this morning!
There’s a chill wind blowing out there swinging in from the north west with a sting in its tail and making a real mess of the surf too.
There’s three feet or so of mixed up and bumpy, choppy surf washing around the bay, the sky a threatening mix of dark and broody cloudbanks with some lighter, brighter stuff trying hard to push its way through.
And it is all being reflected in that broken sea, a broody, dark but translucent mix of turquoise and blue and white and grey.
It’s not looking great for a surf here today, not unless you love those broken peaks and doubling up inside wedges.
And that is probably reflecting the biggest change in surfing recently, as highlighted in Kai Neville’s recent film, ‘Cluster’.
The guys these days are ripping into those mixed up and messy days, taking advantage of those super hollow sections and doubling up inside reforms that you always get on onshore days. Up until recently we have always been looking for those long lines, preferably peeling and clean. We rarely found them though!
The current shredders though are all over these onshore days, embracing the unpredictability of it all and using those bouncy sections to launch massive airs.
Or you could go to the south coast in aim of something smaller but much cleaner!


Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot


This north westerly is chilling things down here too, making a mess of the real small surf. It’s barely a couple of feet and all bouncy and choppy an hour or two ahead of high water.
And that is probably going to be the way of it throughout the day, becoming a little sharper at lower tide but still real small.
No, I reckon that it is lining up to be a south coast day today!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:24  (0.7m)              High Tide:  08:00  (7.4m)


Surf Forecast for Wednesday 25th March 2015

Another day of onshore, north westerly winds awaits.
The swell is likely to stay pretty small again too, a couple of feet at the main breaks, even smaller at the still onshore, sheltered spots.
The south coast will be beckoning again today but it is likely to be only small down there, unless you catch just the right place at just the right tide. Then it might just be worth the drive!


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

After the last week or two of fun and clean conditions, this week is starting out with onshore winds affecting the three to four foot swell that should continue to roll our way.
Monday morning started out bright enough with a breezy sou’ westerly making for bumpy conditions at the main breaks, keeping things clean at Harlyn. But by the afternoon that wind was north westerly, onshore everywhere.
And the bad news is that it is likely to stay that way all the way through till towards the end of the week!
There should be plenty of surf but in that sloppy and bumpy kind of way. But the young ‘uns seem to have that down, seeking out those wedgy, inside double-ups and reforms to use as launch platforms.
Yeah, the kids are teaching us a lot recently about how to surf onshore junk conditions! And that opens a whole heap of alternative options!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!