Constantine (3*) – 4-6′

at 7.00 a.m.


Fine layers of mist and fog are trapped between the hedgerows this still morning, a hazy blue skyline not that distant.
The surf has dropped, as expected but is still lined up, clean and very rideable, those two to three foot waves spilling oily glass as they peel off on the inside shore break.
The breeze is starting to stiffen, gently wafting from the south sou’ west so far, forecast to back to the south west proper later.
Yep, it looks like yet another fun day of decent surf lies in wait.
And hasn’t it suddenly gone very quiet!? It’s all empty beaches this morning, that serene loneliness of dawn on a deserted beach, snuggled in that hazy mist. Autumn is gently sidling up to us this year.

And with Autumn knocking ever so gently on our door, we are re-filling our rails with a selection of winter wetsuit goodness along with some styling’ winter-warmer clothing.
And to do that we have to clear a big gap or two! We have a good few unsold summer suits left on our rails following on to what has been a wonderfully mild and enjoyable summer season and they have got to go!
This week we are banging out lots of top quality summer weight wetsuits from HALF PRICE and even less! We have full size ranges on some models too!
So keep your eyes open for some BIG BARGAINS to be had and if you’re down our way drop in on us and check out a bargain or two!


Harlyn (0*):  flat to six inches


There are tiny but immaculate little waves rolling in here this morning, six inch wavelets peeling glassily onto the beach. Why it can’t break like this when it’s six feet, I don’t know, well I do technically but, you know what I mean!
Anyway, it is all beautiful and tranquil and hazily glassy around here this morning but tiny. Barely rideasble on the biggest of big boards.
No, it is the other side for a surf today, unless the swell builds.
Oh, that might just happen this evening! But probably not building enough.

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:00  (1.9m)            High Tide:  09:34   (6.6m)



Surf Forecast for Wednesday 1st October 2014

There might just be a subtle change today, the breeze shifting more westerly, the waves getting just a bit bigger but closer together, the air feeling a little muggy.
There’s a front pushing in against the high pressure, an edge of coolness against a warm band.
That should result in a decent three feet of bumpy surf rolling our way, bigger for a while and just a bit bigger again on those super exposed spots.
The wind should be no more than a breeze, onshore at our favourite breaks but not doing too much damage. Watch out for the sea breeze effect in the afternoon though, that could make for bumpier conditions. But otherwise it should be another fun day of fun surf!


Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

It looks as though another surf packed week of fun is waiting for us, the swell set to push rhythmically ashore, the wind staying calm, the skies continuing to stay mainly clear, the start of yet another great week in this seemingly endless summer!
The biggest difference this week is likely to be the wind switching more to the south west, a little onshore at most of our favourite breaks but supporting those long travelled swells.
Monday looks like a continuation of the weekend, three to maybe four feet, mainly clean and very fun. The wind is likely to slip onshore with the sea breeze effect through the afternoon but otherwise it’s all looking good!
Tuesday will see slightly smaller conditions with the lightest of south westerly breezes gently blowing those fluffy white clouds across a wide sky while the surf rolls in at two to three feet.
And that should set the pattern for the rest of what looks like
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!