Constantine (0*):  Flat

at 6.35 a.m.


And it’s another stunner of a dawn lightshow down in the bay this morning, the massive cherry red sun clambering over one horizon while that loitering Harvest Moon is lazily contemplating exiting the other.
The sea is calm, an infinite infinity pool of smoothness, the breeze drifting across its surface with a chill to it though.
There ain’t no surf, that’s for certain but what a place for a paddle, swim, float or just be.
The surf will return soon enough, in the meantime let’s enjoy these moments of tranquility!


Harlyn (0*):  Flat


And it’s flat around here this morning too, as you would expect.
A beautiful, full high tide, picture-postcard scene is gently basking beneath that massive, disco-ball of a moon with barely a ripple to disturb the surface of that super calm sea nor a breeze to move a leaf. It is fabulously beautiful around here this September morning but you won’t be surfing here, not today again!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  13:21  (0.3m)             High Tide:  19:14  (8.0m)



Surf Forecast for Thursday 11th September 2014

Another calm, bright and beautiful day awaits us, that high pressure keeping things beautiful and providing the perfect set-up for some awesome surf – if there was any!
Unfortunately it is looking flat again today but keep your eyes on that far horizon, we could just see those ripples turning into something just a little more! Maybe a few lines of moving water through the day, maybe a shin-high peeler by late afternoon, maybe a knee high and glassy one by evening.
We might just see the start of something by tonight.


Surf Conditions for the End of the Week

There’s a low pressure system down to the south and it’s deepening. Anchoring itself off Spain and Portugal, the winds should send at least some swell up to the Cornish Peninsula and it has been there a day or three already!
So, a small swell might just start showing itself as the week winds down, still tiny maybe but possibly very rideable.
Those offshores are forecast for pretty much the entire week and into the weekend, along with those big blue skies and enough sunshine to keep everybody happy.
We will still be lucky to see a wave break over knee-high just yet but Autumn is knocking on our door though and with its arrival there should be loads of surf yet to come.
So, Keep your eyes on that low pressure system which is trying to develop down in Biscay, it could be sending some very pleasant waves our way before week’s end – if it continues to deepen!
In the meantime, let’s enjoy this wonderful weather and drag those logs down for a longboard slide across any tiddlers that do decide to break!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!