Constantine (2*) – 4-6′

Ah, hello internet!  Nice to be back online!  Anyone know what the problem was?

Anyway, it’s a bit of a grey day so far, a bit breezy, a bit damp around the edges but pretty mild.  And promising to be brighter soon.

The surf is pumping in, four to five feet and bigger, the wind coming from the south sou’ west and so making it a bit crumbly and a bit loose.  The wave faces are clean, grey slabs of smooth water wobbling up and over themselves.  It is okay and in mid Summer you’d be all over it but mid January?  It looks like a bit of a paddle!

Let’s wander across to Harlyn, it should be way cleaner over there!………

But before we go, let’s have a little look at the beach after all those storms.

There’s a bit of a drop at the main entrance, that clay bank a good three or four feet down off the vertical wall of sand, while there’s also a bit of a gap between the steps and the beach at the other end.  Other than that, the dunes have been a bit blown, the lifeguard hut base has been half buried but there’s nothing that won’t naturally self heal.

Apart from all the debris and rubbish that is!

Stacey (Long) is setting up a group of volunteers to give the local beaches a bit of a clean up.  Check his Facebook page for more info (Seven Bays Task Force) on where and when.

It’s about now that we are really going to miss the Beach Rangers.  Lost to one of those incredibly short sighted, knee jerk, cost cutting exercises by our elected representatives which is probably going to come back and bite us all.  After all, the most precious local commodities are our beaches, it kind of makes sense to look after them.

Luckily, there is a bit of a community spirit around here and the guys will rally round and get stuck in to keep the place as we would all like it.  And those guys who always do pick up as they go along should be appreciated too.  I know a few who always take more rubbish away than they would ever bring, unnoticed and unrewarded and quite happy to be!

Let’s all do that!

Check out ‘Take 3’ (

Harlyn (4*) – 3′


It is looking promising around here this morning!

Smooth and glassy, three foot swells are swinging around the headland and marching into the bay against the offshore wind.  Those odd ones are standing tall before turning themselves inside out as they reel across the sand.

Yeah, there are the usual close-outs but there also some peeling peaks too.

It looks fun and it should get funner!  This afternoon’s tide should see a little build in size while the wind should lose those stronger gusts, the rise in tide allowing those waves just a little more space to break in.

Yep, it should be good later!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 11:23 (1.6m) High Tide: 17.14 (6.8m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 13th January 2014

It looks like the Harlyn Superbank is going to turn it on again today!

That pumping, long wave-period swell with fresh sou’ westerly winds always points to Harlyn!

And the way it has been breaking this Winter, it should be fun again!

Four to five to six feet drainers can be expected, with a midday low tide and steady sou’ westerlies, maybe weakening through the afternoon as the tide rises.

Get the duck tape out, I expect more snappage!

Looking Further Ahead…

A solid swell is going to be rhythmically beating our shoreline for the next few days at least.
A steady six to eight foot swell is expected, all the stronger for its mid-teens wave period count.  You’re going to feel the strength and speed of those waves.
The only frustration (as always) is likely to be the wind.
We can expect south westerlies pretty much all the way through the back half of the week, narrowing those surf break opportunities.
Yep, it’s looking like another Harlyn week with offshore boomers and snappy beach-wide close-outs to keep you on your toes!
But then, those few that peel, the ones that reel off the rock, they make it worthwhile!  Sometimes.
It’s looking really mild too, well, for mid January anyway!  And although we are going to see plenty more of that wet stuff, there should be some bright bits in amongst it all as well!
Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!