At 8.20 a.m:

Constantine (3*):  3 feet

A lighter, brighter and sunlit, gorgeous morning is cheering up the coastline, the chem trails of the early morning atlantic inbound slashing streaks across an otherwise clear and blue, blue sky.
And the surf is fun looking too!
Three to four feet of smooth and elegant, curling surf is gliding into the bay, front lit by that crystal bright dawn.
The tide is wrong right now and the sand could be better placed but even so there are some beauties peeling across our favourite breaks!
Yep, a day of fun surf awaits!

Harlyn (2*):  1 to 2 feet.

A foot or two of thickish and slow moving waves are wandering onto the high tide bar here this morning, magnificently lit by that massive sunrise.
It will be sharper and snappier as the tide eases out but it might drop a little too.
The other side is the place for a surf today but there are little waves coming in here if you have to!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  15:38  (1.9m)              High Tide:  09:11  (6.7m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 19th January 2017

Another bright day of smooth waves and light offshores will be waiting for us today, with smaller waves maybe but still in the two to three feet range, still rippable and still bright and cheerful!
It is looking good!

Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

Those tedious north westerly winds have finally blown themselves away at the start of the week as the wind settles to more of a breeze, gently drifting in from the south east, offshore all along the coast!
And although there is a big spread of high pressure not so far away, there’s enough wind activity out in the Atlantic to spin a few very decent swells our way too.
We should be seeing a decent three foot plus swell as we get into this week, building just a little through midweek before easing into the back half and then re-building into the weekend.
But for most of the time that pleasant offshore breeze should be shaping any waves that we do get into something better, something more fun, maybe something quite special by midweek!
And we should see some brighter weather too!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!