Constantine (1*):  6 -8 ft

It’s a wet ‘un but all calm and peaceful with still booming surf rushing in.

There’s a superlight but definite northerly breeze drifting across the faces of those big, six to eight foot waves that are peaking and bouncing under a silver and grey streaked, early morning sky.
It should be good, it might be good, later! But right now it’s a little out of control, a bit too thick for itself, rippy and bouncy and unpredictable. The tide is pretty much at full low at the moment so maybe it will sort itself out as the tide moves in but at present, well, it’s not that good. You just know that it will be brilliant somewhere and probably somewhere not too far away but not here, not just yet.
But, looking at the forecasts, it is more than likely that as the rain eases off and brighter skies squeeze through, the wind direction should shift. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an entirely different setup by lunchtime!

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Rhys Barfield is off to Ecuador at the end of the month for the ISA World Junior Championships and the groms are desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to get them there without bankrupting their mums and dads.
Rhys Barfield is off to Ecuador at the end of the month for the ISA World Junior Championships and the groms are desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to get them there without bankrupting their mums and dads.
Here’s a clip of Rhys while in Australia a week or two ago…

Reflections from Rhys Barfield on Vimeo.



Harlyn (1*):  4ft


There is something very solitary about pulling into an early morning deserted beach car park in torrential rain, there’s a cosy feel to it, especially in early spring.
But it would be so much better to have a view of good surf rather than that grey and mixed up wash of waves that are smacking the sand this morning.
There’s three to four feet of surf barging onto the beach but it’s not very orderly and not very organised. The northerly wind, as light as it is, is managing to affect those waves and not to the good.
It’s a lightly sloopy, lightly messy, lightly mixed up surf that’s breaking in here this morning.
I wonder if it’s worth a trip dahn saath in search of something cleaner?
Toby (Donachie) had a good ‘un yesterday but has sore ribs today (three cracked!).


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 07:22 (2.0m) High Tide: 13.25 (5.9m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 27th March 2014

Aha! It should be the complete opposite to how it has been for the last five or six months maybe!
A much smaller swell is expected, still a proper groundswell but more in the couple of feet with a ten second plus wave-period range to it. And the wind is forecast to be reasonably light and direct offshore, a little grey and miserable to start with but brightening up nicely as we go along.
Yep, it should be very nice indeed.

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

There’s a mixed up old week lying in wait with the wind forecast to switch about all over the place, the swell bouncing up and down as different little swells converge on each other before stumbling into our bays and coves, while the temperatures change from almost freezing to quite comfortable and back again every few minutes.
Things are likely to have calmed a lot by Wednesday, the variable breezes allowing some cleaner surf through again, if only for a while. And that surf is likely to be thick and powerful and quite sizey. Six feet and bigger with some offshore wind later on hopefully!
The mixed up pattern of wind and swell is looking to prevail through midweek too with the wind switching all over the place, increasing in strength and then calming quite quickly, those chilly and heavy showers blasting through and being replaced by bright sunny moments. Wednesday should show a gradually easing swell, onshore to start the day but offshore and clean by lunchtime. And it could get really good by the afternoon!
You are going to have to be on it to find the best surf conditions this week, it will be good but probably only for short periods of time and only here and there.
But by keeping a keen weather eye out for those changing winds and by watching those tides, we should be able to find some better than average surf conditions for most of the time!
Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!