Constantine (2*) – 6-8′

Hmm, it’s definitely the day after the storms.

It’s a pleasantly calm and mild morning, the wind pretty much offshore, and a lumping and bumping swell still stumbling around the bay in the rain.  And raining it is!  An early Truro run quickly became an aquaplane trial!

Anyway, a decent, thick and heavy, four to five to six feet and occasionally much bigger swell is producing waves that are gracefully exploding off the back of the Reef, a bit of a chore to get to but maybe looking worth the effort at just around high tide.

After saying that though, there are going to be places breaking so much better than here right now and certainly there will be as the tide drops back.  Unless those recent storms have worked their magic on the lower tide sand banks.  I guess that we are just about to find out?

In the meantime Fistral must be firing, along with half a dozen other spots within a dozen miles of us.

I think that it might be worth checking out those spots first.

Harlyn (3*) – 3-4′


Yep, it’s way smaller than it has been but not much the worse for that!  There’s still a decent three feet of swell wrapping into the bay giving a half decent three to four feet of surf.

The wind is lighter than it has been and offshore allowing those waves just enough time to peel a bit.

It’s looking fun and as the tide eases its way out it should become funner!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 10:28 (6.6m) Low Tide: 16.56 (2.1m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 9th January 2014

It looks like we have a ‘more normal’ January day awaiting.

The wind is set to start off blowing in from the west north west, onshore pretty much everywhere along this coast, lunchtime coming and going before it gently slips to the south west again, at least giving Harlyn a chance to shine.

And by early afternoon we should be seeing some brighter and lighter weather too which should last through to darkness.

So, smaller surf again but still a decent four feet at the main breaks and a decent couple of feet at the sheltered spots.

So, small and glidey Harlyn!  It has been a while!

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

The swell is likely to continue to ease off, dropping to not much more than a couple to three feet by the end of the week.  And the wind is set to hang around, steadily blowing onshore, mainly from the south west.

But by the weekend we should be seeing some pleasant and smooth three foot surf rolling in against south easterly, offshore, wind.

Yep the weekend is starting to look really good!

Not the gnarly stuff of the last few weeks, more that precision shaped surf, much smaller but much cleaner and breaking at our main surf breaks.

It is going to be interesting to see how our surf breaks shape up following that series of storms that have devastated so much of the foreshore.  Usually after a big blow through the surf is better, at least for a while!

So, it’s looking like it could be three feet, offshore and very pleasant with small moving midday tides.

The weather isn’t looking all that though!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!