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Surf Report For Saturday 29th March 2014 at 7.05 a.m. | Constantine Bay Surf Store

Constantine (3*):  3 -4 ft

It’s another one of those gentle mornings, all overcast but in a light and bluey kind of way.
The surf is rolling in against the lightest of offshore breezes, three feet of smooth and polished, unruffled swell is peaking at all the usual spots, a bit disjointed in the bay with the tide halfway out.
But both the Reef and the Slab have some real shape, those peaks standing tall before reeling ashore, blowing some spray when the hollows collapse.
Yep, it’s smaller than yesterday but not by that much and the shape is probably a bit better right now!
As long as that south easterly (straight offshore) wind doesn’t blow too strong through midday then we should be enjoying another day of very nice surf indeed!

It’s Earth Hour tonight at half eight. Find out more at
And don’t forget that the clocks spring forward tonight (well, Sunday morning technically!) too!

Rhys Barfield is off to Ecuador at the end of next week for the ISA World Junior Championships and the groms are desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to get them there without bankrupting their mums and dads.
Since the mega surf companies aren’t yet embarrassed enough to provide any support for the U.K. Groms, it’s down to everyone else to do it! So go to and pay a little back to the kids!
Here’s a clip of Rhys while in Australia a week or two ago…

Reflections from Rhys Barfield on Vimeo.


Harlyn (1*): 1 – 2 ft


It’s a little sloppy and crumbly around here this morning, that light wind having its effect, blowing across the shore here this morning.
It is just about rideable but it is so small and not that great, especially in view of the other side being so good!
It’s worth making the trek across the headland today!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 10:36 (0.6m) High Tide: 16:29 (7.2m)



Surf Forecast for Sunday 30th March 2014

You know that it felt a bit chilly on Friday and not exactly warm on Saturday either? Well on Sunday it might get very warm! And sunny too!
Add all that to the expected couple of feet of groundswell (with a massive wave-period!) and it is looking like a great day to get a surf in.
The surf is likely to be not much more than a couple of feet but it should be as good a couple of feet as you could get! The wind is forecast to be light and offshore, the tides are opening out and that sunshine is set to cheer us all up!
So grab yourself your favourite board and go have a splash!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

A weekend full of smooth and steady surf along with fresh offshore winds should put a bit of a spring into your life!
The surf is likely to be smaller than it has been for an age but it should be cleaner than we’ve enjoyed for quite a while too!
Saturday should be showing a rhythmic two to three feet swell pushing decent three feet plus waves onto our favourite breaks, that south easterly wind helping to sculpt those waves into hollower things. The mid teens wave-period should keep the surf flowing in even if the wind does pick up a little too strongly through late morning and into the afternoon. But the evening should glass off again.
And Sunday is full of promise as well. The swell might be smaller but it should still have that relatively huge wave-period to it.
Long, gliding, hollow and spilling waves should just provide that little shot of a summery feel, especially if the sun does manage to break through as it will try to do.
Yep, it’s all looking good for a great weekend of fun, fun surf!
Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!