… Or is it? Either way, we’ve noticed our hands and feet are beginning to feel something, that tingly, slightly numb, sensation, that one that tells us it’s about time we adorned a little bit more rubber.

For months, the comments have been something along the lines of ‘Nah,nah, I know, I’m still in my 4.3.’ ‘No, no boots yet.’ ‘Did you get in the other day, Harlyn was pretty fun.’ ‘Yeah, I had a few fun ones.’

Then just last week, ‘Arrgh, think I’m gonna have to start wearing my boots again,’ ‘I know, I know, I couldn’t feel my big toe yesterday.’

FEAR NOT! We’ve got a top notch range of that extra rubber to keep those big toes feeling, and those fingers a’wiggling! Here’s our TOP FIVE!



1. Patagonia R3 Split Toe Booties, £59.99



2. O’neill Gooru (internal split toe) 5mm, £44.99



3. Xcel Infiniti Tek Split Toe, £39.95



4. Alder Future Glove, £27.99



5. Alder Plasma Hood, £29.99

There’s plenty more choice in our Wetsuit Accessories range, we just think these ones have something a bit special, be it the price, the material or the fit.

And here’s something for that post-surf warmer…

Thermo Mug


A good ol’ cuppa! (from one of our thermo mugs, £14.99)

Post Feature Image: thebeachlife.co.uk