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View from the Beach on Tuesday 17th November 2020 | Constantine Bay Surf Store

At 7.30 a.m:  

Constantine (0*):  4 to 5 feet  

The wind continues to rattle into the bay from the south west this morning, the four to five feet of windswept surf lazily washing onto the beach.
The sea is reflecting the dull silver of a winter’s sky but the air is mild enough, that continental air being pulled over us by the damp wind.
So, Harlyn it is for any chance of cleanish surf around here today!   


Harlyn (3*):  3 feet  

The South Westerly wind is gusting offshore at Harlyn again this morning, holding the three foot waves tall before allowing them to topple and spin across that high tide bank. Well, ‘bank‘ might be too generous, the high tide flats with a dip is probably more accurate.
But either way, those waves are toppling and tubing across the bay, most closing out, the occasionally right-hander whistling off across the bay.
It’ll get crunchier as the tide empties out.   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  12:55  (0.7m)              High Tide:  18:48  (7.6m)



Surf Forecast for Wednesday 18th November 2020  

The wind might be a little more westerly today but otherwise we can look forward to that same messy six feet or so of rolling swell being pushed ashore by those gusting onshore winds.
We might see a little brightness through the afternoon but otherwise we can prepare for another wet’n windy one!   

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

A stormy week of howling onshore winds and thumping North Atlantic swells is going to test your resolve this week!
As we enter another week of this weird second lockdown, a series of low pressure systems are lining up to drive more wind and waves onto our jagged and rugged Cornish coastline.
Locally, Harlyn is going to be the centre of surf activity but the waves are likely to be big and hard hitting even here. We can expect a week of four foot and strong offshore surf, building little on the incoming tides, easing a tad on the drop.
Your reflexes are going to be razor sharp after this spell of winter waves at Harlyn, trying to thread your way through those shifting close-outs all week long!
But the water is still relatively mild and we’ll see enough bright weather to keep things cheery!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!