At 7.50 a.m:  

Constantine (4*):  4 to 6 feet  

Another cold and sharp, clear skied morning is chilling the air as a brisk easterly breeze is whistling offshore to meet a solid four foot plus swell.
The sand is crunchy underfoot on this sub zero morning, the sky shrieking pinks and blues as the plumes of those curling waves sprinkle rainbows while curling ashore.
It is a fabulous morning, colder than a deep freeze in a harbourside fish market but no less beautiful for that.   


Harlyn (1*):  2 to 3 feet  

The wind is almost onshore at a completely deserted Harlyn Bay this morning, chopping the surface of a dark and very wintery looking sea. The surf is way smaller than expected but it’s probably not showing itself yet as the tide wallows towards low.
The other side is definitely the place to go for a surf today, if you can get there in a socially acceptable, non virus transmitting kind of way!  It really is not very inviting here this morning, it is beautiful but not in a surfy kind of way.   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  10:54  (1.3m)              High Tide:  16:48  (6.8m)



Forecast for Thursday 11th February 2021  

A dry south easterly wind is going to be blowing hard as a building swell tries to push against it, a seriously long wavelength swell travelling at speed onto our Points and reefs and peaking into our bays and coves, that wind hollowing and holding those tunnelling waves.
If you can get out of the wind then you should enjoy some awesome tube time today!   

Conditions for the Rest of the Week

Growing swells are going to be driving in against cold but offshore, hard blowing winds for the rest of this week with some big and beautiful waves expected to pound our surf breaks well into the weekend!
Midweek’s freezing pleasantness of surf will quickly be replaced by something much more testing, the swell building steadily through the back half of the week, showing overhead barrels by Thursday afternoon, going double to triple overhead by week’s end. And all the time those cold,  bitterly cold winds will be blowing offshore, holding those waves tall and steep.
This is a time for those with the fitness levels, experience and equipment to shine and blossom, the rest of us will be left shivering in the sheltered corners of those sheltered spots, held together only by ‘Black Witch’ed and ill-fitting suits and worn out boots and torn gloves, riding boards that are too short in waves that are too good!
But it should still be great!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!