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Weekend Surf Report on Friday 5th November 2021 | Constantine Bay Surf Store

At 7.25 a.m:  

Constantine (2*):  3 feet  


The wind has eased from its overnight northerly blow and those short, sharp and heavy rain showers seem to have eased away, leaving a not unpleasant morning in their wake and an okay outlook for this evening’s Bonfire Night shenanigans.
The surf isn’t great with barely three feet or so of mixed up and mushy stuff tumbling into the bays.  


Harlyn (2*):  1 to 2 feet  


There’s still a steady nor’ westerly breeze whistling int Harlyn this morning, tipping and toppling the foot or two of early morning surf.
The beach is peaceful, as normal but there’s not much surf to get excited about.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  11:38  (0.7m)              High Tide:  17:31  (7.8m)



Surf Forecast for Saturday 6th November 2021  

A blustery west, sou’ westerly wind is likely to be blowing milder but damper air our way today but it should also blow up a little extra surf too.
It’s not going to be the prettiest or smoothest and it’s all going to be pretty close together but there should b e some fun ones to surf on at our regular breaks with tiny but pretty stuff at Harlyn later maybe.  



Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

After a faltering tease of an offshore breeze towards the end of the week the wind is likely to return onshore for the weekend with a milder and damper west sou’ westerly forecast for Saturday becoming fresher and chillier as it veers north westerly through Sunday.
Harlyn might just show some clean and fun little waves through Saturday afternoon but otherwise it’s all looking a bit junky and onshore chopped.
And then, as the breeze lightens through Monday, those small swells will weaken too.
So, it is going to be a case of making do with whatever you find throughout this weekend, with the chance of lucking into something quite pleasant for an hour or two.
But it will be more by luck and it’s unlikely to last too long either!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!