I Check The Surf… Mug & Origin Coffee Set


Our one of a kind mug, accompanied by a 250g Bag of Origin’s Resolute Espresso Blend (Ground)

A creamy cup with notes of chocolate cookie, toasted walnut, cocoa and dark toffee.

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We just couldn’t resist putting this little combo together. A great mug needs some great coffee in it, and we think Origin’s Resolute Espresso Blend is the perfect companion for our mug.

Origin Says: “A creamy cup with notes of chocolate cookie, toasted walnut, cocoa and dark toffee.

The first up of our new blend. Featuring two coffees sourced during our trip to Central America in March; 65% Nicaragua Finca Los Altos (Washed) & 35% El Salvador Finca Santa Elena (Washed). Finca Los Altos is owned by the award winning Mierisch family who we’ve been working with since 2009. The success of the Mierisch coffee means that the family has been able to acquire a small collection of farms all focusing on different ideas in coffee production from experimental processing to boutique coffee varieties to new farming theories.
We last visited the family in March to cup their fresh crop. Los Altos is a work horse of a coffee. It has big body and packs incredibly rich flavours which is why we use it every year; it’s the coffee that comes to mind when we think of a classic coffee.
Located near a volcanic lake Santa Elena is in one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen coffee produced. Fernando Lima who owns Santa Elena is focussed on what the land can create in the cup, working on gentle alterations of soil mineral content, fertilisation procedures and use of shade to produce the most superior coffees. Fernando has faced huge challenges at the farm with the eruption of a nearby volcano a few years ago covering his crop in ash. Its tremors caused massive damage to the roads and buildings as well
as a fatality. The ash drastically effected the mineral content of the soil making it too acidic to grow so Fernando has taken to use fertilisers that balance the soil to return Santa Elena to its original state. Crop yields are only now approaching pre-eruption levels. Despite these challenges Santa Elena was among
the best coffees we tasted in El Salvador, incredibly sweet and balanced.”
Processing: Both coffees in this blend are Washed
Producers: Erwin Mierisch & Fernando Lima
Regions: Jinotega & Palo de Campana
Elevations: 1,275-1,400 & 1,430-1,700 masl
Varietals:  Catuai & Bourbon


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