SOLOSHOT2- Base & Tag


Film yourself from up to 2000ft away … Automatically

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Film yourself from up to 2000ft away … Automatically

‘SOLOSHOT2 is the next generation of our robot cameraman. Pair with the Base to the Tag and the Base will automatically pan and tilt to keep your camera pointed towards the Tag.’

USE: Filming outdoor activities and adventures – SOLOSHOT2 is your dedicated cameraman designed to film and photograph you on the water, in the snow, at the track, on the field…

RANGE: 12 feet to 2000 feet – The Base will even track the Tag behind certain objects. If the Tag goes out of range, the Base will find it when it comes back within range.

DURABILITY: Tag is waterproof to 100ft and shock resistant – SOLOSHOT2 is built with high quality materials including engineerings grade ABS plastic and anodised aluminium for high strength and performance.

COMPATIBLE CAMERAS: Any tripod mountable camera up to 5 pounds. Any camera with a standard tripod thread will attach to the Base, including DSLRs, camcorders, action cameras, and smart phones with an adaptor.

SPEED: Pan-80 deg/sec / Tilt – 30 deg/sec. The Base can pan 360 degrees continuously and has a full tilt range of 180 degrees

BATTERY LIFE: Tag-4 hours / Base-8 hours

PORTABILITY: Base – 2pounds – 147X85X60MM / Tag – 2.1oz. – 50x47x23mm



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