Xcel Infiniti Short Arm Long Leg

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The Infiniti incorporates its X Zip System and the latest in sealed stretch seam technology with Xcels exclusive Fusion seams and 100% snag resistant 300% Plus stretch Ultraspan Superlite neoprene

  • Thermospan – Ultra light ultra stretch thermal barrier
  • Less Seams – Engineered fit with one peice hip to upper leg panel… Less seams = More stretch
  • Dura flex Knee Panels – Articulating knee panels for maximum strength and durability
  • X-Zip System – Short horizontal front zipper on the outer flap with elasticated cord on the inside shoulder seals to prevent flushing and an Ultrastretch inner step in yoke
  • Quadruple glued seams with Xcel’s fusion bonding over blindstitching seams on the inside and no stitching on the outside


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