At 6.05 a.m:

Constantine (2*):  2 feet


There’s a blustery south sou’ westerly wind gusting across the headland this morning, the sea a greyer hue although the sun is already spreading its cheer across the dunes, shooing off those dull and threatening clouds.
The surf is a bit of a dreary couple of feet, a sloppy and grey, uninspiring lump of a wave slopping onto the beach when it feels like it.
But don’t despair, the good thing about this wind direction is that it will push in that new swell more speedily while blowing away that gloomy weather. It could be a different world within a couple of hours! I would expect a half decent three feet or so of bumpy and lumpy but occasionally steep and quick little waves on the dropping tide, improving even more on this afternoon’s tide.
Yep, it could be good this afternoon!



Happy 4th July to all our American friends!


Harlyn (0*):  Flat


The sea is smooth and flat here this morning, a slight undulation from the six inches or so of wrap around swell shivering into the bay.
The wind is straight offshore but it is pretty much flat.
There might be a small increase in size with this afternoon or evening’s tide but I think that it might be this evening before it’s rideable. It could be worth a little look earlier though.
Otherwise it is a fabulous place to be with the chance to paddle or swim in those smooth turquoise waters!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:09  (1.0m)              High Tide:  20:04  (7.5m)


Surf Forecast for Sunday 5th July 2015

That three footish swell is likely to continue to roll on in throughout the day, a little sloppy at the main surf breaks due to the south westerly going more westerly wind and really very small at our more sheltered surf breaks.
We should get a surf in and it could be quite fun if you pick just the right place at just the right time but I suspect that some luck will play a part in that!


Surf Conditions for the Weekend

With only a little luck we should carry on enjoying some fine enough weather all the way through the weekend, temperatures staying relatively high and with lots of blue eventually spreading across most of the sky!
But it is going to be windier, especially through Saturday morning.
The wind will have slipped back to the south west for the weekend, gusting in early on Saturday but pushing a little extra surf our way and making the choice between onshore, bumpy and lumpy main surf breaks versus cleaner and smarter but much smaller, maybe too small Harlyn.
It is always nice to have a choice though!
Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!