Bear a thought for Arthur Davies who is making up for missing out the Irish Iron Man event that was cancelled for this weekend by swimming and trotting and biking around the local area (as well as braving the Devon boarder on the bicycling part) just to raise money to help out the local volunteer lifeguards.
They still need kit (rescue boards, PPE etc, etc) and support and are devoting their skills, experience, knowledge and expertise for nothing in an attempt to keep some level of safety at our local beaches.
These local volunteers are devoting their efforts with little back-up support equipment or reward.
So if you can drop a penny or two into this fundraiser then it might prove to be one of the more worthwhile appeals to support:
And if you are around why not nip down and cheer Arthur on this Saturday! He should be skipping sprightly back to the bay sometime late afternoon, or early evening or…..