At 7.20 a.m:  

Constantine (0*):  8 – 10 feet  



It was a stroll through sheets of rain to the beach this morning, a westerly wind pushing waves of wet into the bay alongside those big waves of waves!
An onshore blown mess of roaring surf is filling the bays, the grey sky merging to the grey Atlantic above the pock-marked sand of a rain drenched dawn.
The seascape artists might be reaching for their paints and easels this morning and the photographers will be setting their F-stops but surfers will be scurrying to those more wind sheltered spots.
Although, some forecasting websites are showing a windswitch during mid-afternoon when Easterly winds might just blow fresh and offshore at our favoured breaks.
Now that could be interesting!  



Harlyn (3*):  4 to 6 feet  



A handful of early birds are enjoying jousting with the lightly lumpy, head-high thumpers of Harlyn this morning, that wind just a little too westerly to allow those sharp and hollow whompers that we do all love here.
But that light crumble of a more side shore blow does provide that extra moment or two to get to your feet.
It’s still a lot of fun anyway.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:37  (3.0m)              High Tide:  09:56  (5.7m)




Surf Forecast for Thursday 17th November 2022  

Westerly winds will continue to push and drag a thick and lumpy six foot swell onto our beaches again today, a lumpy and bumpy head-high session or two at Harlyn probably being the best that we can look forward to.
Mind you, there have been days not so long ago when we would have given anything for a day like that to break the doldrums!   



Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

A wet ‘n windy week lies in wait for us this week but in amongst it all we should find some pleasant moments of very fun surf at our favourite sheltered spots.
So, for us, it’s looking like another mainly ‘Harlyn or not in’ kind of a week.
Low pressure systems will continue to track across the Atlantic, slinging thick and lumpy swells our way, those sou’ westerlies pushing and heaving the swells into large rolling waves that will batter our coastline all week long.
We can expect the waves at Harlyn to be in the four to six foot range for most of the time, getting maybe quite a bit bigger during midweek. And for most of the time those south westerlies will be blowing straight offshore at Harlyn making for plenty of hollow and crunchy, board snapping and leash snapping excitement. Although the wind might edge too far westerly in the back half of the week, making for bumpier conditions even at Harlyn.
But for most of the time we’ll be enjoying the sharp and crunchy, snappy close-out tubes of Harlyn!
Stay safe, stay happy, stay well and have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!