The past week (bar yesterday afternoon, when our old friend the Sun decided to show face), has been a dreary, miserly, heavy one at times.

And as british dwellers we know these days like the backs of hands, almost (which isn’t very well, have you ever actually asked someone to describe the back of their hand…me neither). One minute it looks like there is a break in the cloud, and a glimpse of blue sky offers us a glimmer of hope, and we ready ourselves with the beach gear. But alas, in rolls the grey again.

However, we are all for the rain. So it’s very wet, and it does make opening and closing the shop a bit of a challenge, and not very pleasant. But where else would you want to be, the rain is as wet as the sea, so you might as well #justgetin. Release the inner child, remember the days of frolicking in muddy grass and jumping in the puddles? The sea is a GIANT puddle, so jump in it! And embrace the rain a little, or a lot.

And just think, when the sun shines, you’ll just appreciate it even more than the last time you saw it!