Forecast last updated at 12:39 Tuesday 22nd August 2017
[Don’t forget to look at this forecast the day before you go beach for the latest, as things can often change!]

The Rest Of The Week:
‘A return to more Summery weather with some OK waves for this time of year mixed in with messy conditions at other times. For the grom that asked me to store his board under my Blue T4 van at Polzeath on Saturday – hope my van kept your board safe and that you recovered from the long paddle out!’
Sunrise and sunset – 06:20 and 20:20
Twilight starts and ends – 05:45 and 20:55
Midday – 13:20
Length of day – 14:00
Offshore Sea Temp approx – 17C / 62.5F

Wednesday 23rd:
‘Onshore messy surf .’
Swell – (i) OK W
Wind – Light-Medium W-WSW
Weather – Cloudy but mostly dry. Some sunny spells in the afternoon.
North Coast – 3ft (Waisthigh)
South Coast – 1ft
Tides – 06:57 High, 13:16 Low, 19:15 High

Thursday 24th:
‘Fading swell and onshore winds combine to leave rather disappointing messy surf. Enough for surf schools and beginners though.’
Swell – (i) Weak W
Wind – Light-Medium going Light+ W-WSW
Weather – Mixture of cloud and sunshine.
North Coast – 3ft (Waisthigh) going 2-3ft (Knee-Waisthigh)
South Coast – 1ft
Tides – 07:37 High, 13:57 Low, 19:55 High

Friday 25th:
‘Small weak wave! It will be a barely rideable but clean kneehigh wave. Best on a longboard on the tidal push late afternoon. ‘
Swell – (i) Weak W
Wind – Light S-SE going Light Variable
Weather – Cloudy but dry.
North Coast – 1-2ft (Kneehigh)
South Coast – 0-1ft
Tides – 08:16 High, 14:35 Low, 20:32 High

Weekend Summary:
‘Waves about – but with light onshores creating messy but rideable surf.’

Saturday 26th:
‘Onshore for the North – albeit light, but it will be frustrating there with the light onshore winds. However, for those that are willing to look ‘elsewhere’, make a note of the swell and wind direction – and you should get some excellent waves round high tide in the morning – certain reefs may work – albeit a small wave – will fade quickly though as swell direction swings around, so get on it early!’
Swell – (i) Weak SW going W-WSW
Wind – Light N-NE going Light+ N
Weather – Mixture of cloud and sunshine.
North Coast – 3ft (Waisthigh) going 3-4ft (Waist-Chesthigh)
South Coast – 3ft (Waisthigh) going 1ft
Tides – 08:52 High, 15:11 Low

Sunday 27th:
‘Some churning waves for the North – but with an onshore wind – it won’t be great, but rideable/OK for those that want to get in the briny.’
Swell – (i) Weak W-WSW going W-WNW
Wind – Light+ NW going WNW
Weather – Bright and sunny day.
North Coast – 3-4ft (Waist-Chesthigh) going 4-5ft (Chest-Shoulderhigh)
South Coast – 1ft going 1-2ft (Kneehigh)
Tides – 09:28 High, 15:45 Low

Early Next Week:
‘Too early to tell accurately yet.’

The scale for measuring conditions:

0-1ft – Unridable/Flat
1-2ft – Kneehigh
3ft – Waisthigh
4-5ft – Chest/Shoulderhigh
6ft – Headhigh
6-8ft = 1-1.5x Overhead
8-10ft = 1.5x Overhead
10-12ft = 2x Overhead
Please Note!

Wave height predictions are based on the larger breaks on both coasts such as Fistral and Croyde for the North, and Praa Sands and Bantham for the South.

Wave height is measured from the front of the wave, and 6ft would usually mean a ‘head-high’ wave.

Try and use some ‘local’ knowledge about what the wave sizes will be elsewhere. For example the Newquay Bay area is generally 1/3 to 3/4 the size of Fistral, increasing the further up the bay you go from Towan to Lusty Glaze, and that it will be clean on a W wind at ‘harbour left’ at Towan at mid-tide’ for example.

Tide times are based on Newquay.

Stay Stoked!