Constantine – 12′

Yep, it’s a stormy one!

The thunder and lightning are adding some spice to the super strong wind and huge storm surf, that hail storm flitting by in a fit of stinging pain.

The surf is huge, as big as it gets and just as out of control, the tidal surge rolling through to grab at the dunes and anything else in the way.

The drawback of the waves is eerily reminiscent of mini tsunamis, an emptying effect but you just know that it’s going to come back and come back strong!  And those waves are moving shoreward at full tilt, you really would not want to get in the way of that angry whitewater.

So, no surf here today then!

Let’s wander over to Harlyn?


Harlyn – 10-12′

It’s a tricky one to judge here this morning, it’s big, really big and set to get bigger!

An hour or two after high tide, set waves are still surging towards the bridge, the slipway gaining a two foot drop to the sand, Anthony’s fence suffering a battering and the Surf School’s container having had a good wash down.  Hilly and Chris (Harlyn Surf School) Rea were both agreeing that it’s as big as any of us had seen and it should get bigger on this afternoon’s tide, this evening promising some mayhem and probably some more damage.

Hilly seems up for a low tide one but I think that maybe it will be too big to get in.  Just to put that in perspective, Hilly is a multi championship winning drop knee bodyboarder, he’s been surfing a long time and likes it big.

But it is probably going to be too big!  And Chris has as much experience as anyone around.

So if you haven’t got the experience, done the training and have the confidence to look after yourself then give it a miss.  There’s other places, other days.

After saying that, Cheyney’s could be impressive to look at at low tide maybe!

I’m guessing that we will be awash with some stunning images soon enough!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 13.01 (0.6m) High Tide: 18.54 (7.7m)