Constantine (2*): 5-8′

What a beautiful morning!  

There’s the lightest breath of frost out there this morning with a clear pale blue sky and a faltering breeze.
The surf is bumpy and ruffled, four feet regularly, five to six feet on the sets, way bigger on those occasional ones.  I guess that leftover swells from the Valentine’s storm are still randomly bumbling around looking for somewhere to break.  And when they do break they are looking explosive, erupting over the Reef as the tide just drops off high, rolling off the Point and trying to break in the deep water off Booby’s.
The light, light wind is breezing in from the west, onshore, not messing up the surf too much, yet.
The forecasts are showing that the wind should strengthen but only slowly, while swinging more to the south, ending up being a steady south sou’ westerly for most of the day.
So, if you want some bumpy but occasionally sizeable surf then it’s okay here this morning.
But let’s have a little look over the headland and see what Harlyn is up to:
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Harlyn (3*): 3-5′


It’s looking fun around here this morning, with that hazy, sunlit and sea spray filled view across the bay showing some pleasant three foot surf, much bigger sets throwing themselves off the Rock and reeling down the beach.

Most of the time it’s a fun enough three feet or so, the wind almost offshore on them, some of those lighter looking waves hollowing out.  Those set waves are twice the size, really infrequent and unpredictable but booming in when they do arrive!  They will keep you on your toes!
With the tide now dropping, the size will drop too but there should be enough underlying swell to keep it punchy all the way through.
This afternoon’s tide should show a rebuild in size as well as an improvement in shape as the wind slips more southerly to a settled south sou’ westerly direction.
Yep, it’s looking like a fun in the sun day at Harlyn for the groms on their half term school holiday!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 12:40 (1.1m) High Tide: 18.303 (7.1m)


Surf Forecast for Monday 17th February 2014

Six foot plus swells with southerly winds!
Actually, that wind will probably slip to the south south west again, just making those main beach breaks a little too sloppy.
It is looking like a very pleasant and probably solid Harlyn day, a bit overcast and maybe grey but with some decent and chunky surf rolling through all day!

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

Steady swells will continue to roll our way throughout the coming week, the wind staying lighter than it has for ages.

Solid wave period swells should roll our way all week, keeping some size for most of the time too!  Perhaps not that ginormous and crazy size that those mad storm waves have had for most of this winter so far but that more regular big and chunky stuff, that six foot plus and solid stuff, well surfable but punishing too!
It’s looking like a Harlyn week for most, a mix of sunny days and cloudy days but generally mild for mid February, with the mainly clean surf staying in the three to four to five foot range.
Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!