Constantine (2*) – 2-3′

There’s a Blue and Pink and Golden sunrise this morning, a gentle wind whispering almost offshore and a small, mixed up little swell.

The waves are pretty close fetch this morning, almost tripping over each other as they bump about the beach in search of something to break on, somewhere to break to.

After weeks of being relentlessly buffeted and blown about, it’s going to take a little while and some soothing breezes to allow any waves here to clean up and organise themselves.

Right now, the sea is blue, the sky is brightening but those waves are small and wishy washy.  A couple to three feet of bouncy and unpredictable stuff.  It is just off low tide though, you have to think that it could all improve nicely by lunchtime but that is not definite!

Harlyn (3*) – 1-2′


Well it is clean around here this morning, the sea a smooth and glassy, deep blue, troubled only by those little swell lines rippling across its surface.

There’s a foot or two of sheet glass waves whipcracking across the bay, mostly closing out at this low stage of the tide, promising a small gliding session for later maybe.

It might just be worth keeping an eye on it as the tide comes in, especially if Harlyn is your thing and you have a longboard handy.

It is so different to the last how many weeks though!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 06:37 (2.5m) High Tide: 12.37 (6m)


Surf Forecast for Saturday 11th January 2014

A clean and steady three to four foot swell, the lightest of offshore breezes, maybe even just a little early morning brightness too!

It is all looking very good, very good indeed!

Let’s hope that those storms have given our breaks some definition, a reworking of those sand banks, a stream moulded super bank?

I doubt it but let’s hope so!

Anyway, that breeze and that swell should produce some fun peelers wherever you are!

Have a good ‘un!

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

The swell is likely to continue to ease off, dropping to not much more than a couple to three feet by the end of the week. And the wind is set to hang around, steadily blowing onshore, mainly from the south west.

But by the weekend we should be seeing some pleasant and smooth three foot surf rolling in against south easterly, offshore, wind.

Yep the weekend is starting to look really good!

Not the gnarly stuff of the last few weeks, more that precision shaped surf, much smaller but much cleaner and breaking at our main surf breaks.

It is going to be interesting to see how our surf breaks shape up following that series of storms that have devastated so much of the foreshore. Usually after a big blow through the surf is better, at least for a while!

So, it’s looking like it could be three feet, offshore and very pleasant with small moving midday tides.

The weather isn’t looking all that though!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!