At 7.40 a.m:  

Constantine (0*):  Massive  

It’s every bit as stormy as the forecasts predicted this morning with the wind screeching and screaming in from the south west.
Huge juggernauts of swell are walloping the Quies in the distance, the bay a frothing madness of angry sea. 
It is exciting and dramatic out there this morning but you don’t want to be going anywhere near it today!


Harlyn (0*):  Real Big  

Huge walls of water are bludgeoning their way into Harlyn this morning with storm force winds blasting across the bay.
Even the dog walkers are holding back this morning as those monster waves jiggle the ions in the air and excite and energise.
Or is that the rugby match?   


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:52  (2.0m)              High Tide:  08:27  (6.7m)



Surf Forecast for Sunday 3rd November 2019  

The waves will be smaller than Saturday but should continue growl through in the ‘huge’ size range.
With that wind slipping more to the north the far coast might just start to appeal?  

Surf Conditions for the Weekend  

Another wet ‘n windy one is waiting to greet us this weekend with a heavily blowing west sou’ wester forecast for all day Saturday, backing slightly more to the north for Sunday. So that’s going to feel cold!
Anyway, big waves should be bullying their way into our coves and bays all weekend long, getting really big through the middle of Saturday even at Harlyn.
It should be an ideal weekend for trekking about and discovering those whispered about surf breaks that only occasionally break in big and stormy conditions, those tucked away little spots up creeks and around headlands on both coasts.
But it is going to be big out there and the lifeguards have finished for the season, so just remember that you’re on your own, so take it easy!
Otherwise have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!