Constantine (2*) – 3-4′

It’s a calm morning this morning with even a little slushy ice on the windscreens but the sun is clambering over the horizon quite quickly, promising something brighter and milder fairly soon.

The surf has dropped quite a lot but there’s still three or maybe four feet of bouncy swell rolling in just after high tide.

The wind is light, gently brushing across those wave faces, blowing just a little spray as they break. Yes, it is all a little bouncy but that could probably just be the effect of high tide, that could change as the tide drops back, as long as the wind doesn’t build too much.

Let’s see if it’s big enough to get anything into Harlyn. It might be cleaner around there in this breeze……

Harlyn (2*) – 2′


You can see how much the swell has dropped around here this morning, it is less than half the size of yesterday but it is still a half decent couple of feet.

Right now it is just a little slushy, probably as a result of the dropping high tide more than the wind effect (the wind is light and pretty much straight offshore – south sou’ westerly). But you also have to think that it might drop even further with the tide. But it is worth keeping an eye on, especially this afternoon as the tide slips back in. There should be at least a little longboardy glider of a wave, especially if Harlyn is your favourite!

Otherwise it’s the other side for a bumpy three foot surf!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 13:30 (1.4m) High Tide: 19:23 (6.9m)


Surf Forecast for Monday 20th January 2014

Ah, a brighter day with lighter wind and maybe a slightly bigger swell. But that light wind looks as though it’s going to be blowing in from the north west and that is onshore pretty much everywhere on this stretch of coast.

With a little luck though, that wind should stay light enough so as not to mess up the surf too much and I think that we could be enjoying some four foot and bumpy surf for most of the day.

It should be bright enough to be cheery too, if a little chilly in that wind, light as it should be!

Surf Forecast for the start of the week

As always the wind is going to play a large part in deciding how good the surf might be this coming week and with mainly west to north westerly winds being forecast, it’s not looking that promising!

I suppose that after this last few weeks (or months!) of powering surf on a daily basis, it had to change sometime. But don’t be too dismayed, there is likely to still be plenty of surf, it’s just the wind direction that is going to make for sloppier conditions than we have been used to for a good little while now.

The surf should be powering in at a good three or four feet, still with a double digit wave period, the only annoyance being the onshore wind blowing from the north west. Let’s hope that it’s not that strong, the forecasts are showing a steady north westerly, just a little stronger than light.

By Tuesday the wind is likely to have slipped to the south west but the swell is likely to have weakened a lot too. It’s going to be three footish but bumpy west side versus real small but clean Harlyn today.

By midweek the wind will have settled to the west and is likely to stay there for the west of the week. And with the swell peaking midweek at about six feet then you have to wonder about the far coast?

Anyway, there will be plenty of surf throughout the week ahead, it just might not be that pristine gorgeousness that we would all like!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!