Constantine (1*) – 10 – 12′

Is that my imagination, or is that light wind blowing offshore this morning?

I think that it might be dead southerly although the headland might be bouncing it to feel more south easterly.  Either way, the wind is only light and it is trying to be offshore and that is making those still big waves a pretty picture indeed!

It was a bit difficult choosing the size scale and star rating this morning, the surf is probably eight footish but with ten to, yep, probably fifteen foot sets!  And those outside peaks off the Reef are grinding through, top to bottom, spitting tubes!

But you would never be able to get to them, unless you have a ski?

Somewhere right now is absolutely rocking!  It’s not really doing it here, only in the mindsurfer’s eye. But somewhere, somewhere there will be big, big waves and they should be as clean as you can get.

Surfari anyone?

Take it easy if you do, that surf could build again yet and there is that next storm hogging the Atlantic too!

And, as these Winter storms wrap themselves around us, tugging and tearing and testing your wetsuit, snapping surfboards and chilling those little fingers and toes, have you thought about replacing any of your equipment yet?
We have stacks of leashes, deck grip, fins and all sorts, not to forget those basic things like surfboards and wetsuits!  And we’re just deciding whether to do a massive clear-out Sale!

What do you think?

We have Xcel, O’Neill and Alder wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves, Merrick, ….Lost, Meyerhoffer, Haydenshapes, Webber and other surfboards, FCS, Futures and Captain Fin Co fins and accessories, as well as O & E and Kommunity Project grips and bags and stuff.  Plus loads more!

So, do you fancy a bargain?

Drop in or mail us (at for whatever you want!

Harlyn (4*) – 5-8′


It’s rocking and a-rolling and a-reeling around here this morning!

Those set waves are still surging beneath the bridge, flotsam, jetsam and debris washing about, the sand and slate being moved by the tonne.

Yep, there’s still some power in those waves!

Right now it’s about four to five to six feet with way bigger sets pitching their way across from the Rock.

The wind is relatively light and direct offshore and so those waves are looking as pretty as a picture.

As the tide drops it is likely that it will all become a little snappier, a bit zappier, speed thrills for all!

And then as the tide bounces off low, it should all start to build again, with that widespread storm aiming our way.

So, a great Sunday of surf at Harlyn is expected today!  Take it easy out there but have a great time too!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 08:02 (7.8m) Low Tide: 14.32 (0.8m)