Constantine (3*) – 4-6′

A day late but still very welcome, the wind is light and the swell is grey and glassy, that breeze gently whispering offshore!

Yep, it’s looking good!

Here is probably not the best place to surf just yet, there’s still a mixed up rip swirling across the middle of the bay but that should disappear soon enough. That afternoon tide should be a bit more than fun!

In the meantime, those sets are a way apart, allowing enough time to paddle your way out to them, the stream is in full flow down by the Point, suggesting that maybe there’ll be something happening there later, while Booby’s is a bit mixed up, a bit full on, maybe just that bit big for itself? The tide should sort all that out in a few hours though!

But, as I say, there must be a whole load of breaks all along the coast that should be on fire right now! The swell is rhythmic with that wait for those set waves, the breeze is the lightest and the sky is likely to brighten soon enough. It is pretty chilly but then it is midwinter, so that”s about right!

Have a great day!

Harlyn (1*) – 2-3′


The breeze is light but it is still drifting in from the north east just yet.

And so it’s a little onshore here, causing a bit of a ruffle on those little waves (it’s probably the smallest that it has been here for months!).

This afternoon’s tide should coincide with the breeze slipping to the south east, which will make for cleaner cleaner conditions here but it is still going to be small.

The other side should just get better and better as the tide shifts and the breeze settles through the day, making it the place to head for. Don’t worry though if Harlyn is your fave place, it’ll be back on again soon enough! See the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend!

Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 11:11 (0.7m) High Tide: 17:04 (7.4m)


Surf Forecast for Friday 31st January 2014

And, ding! ding!; round 2!!

Here we go again!

The wind is likely to strengthen through the day having swung to the south sou’ west overnight. And so the existing swell is likely to be reinforced as we go along, the wind blowing itself into something stronger by the evening.

So, three foot Harlyn it is then!

And it is likely to get a bit bigger on the afternoon tide, maybe quite a bit bigger by the evening!

And then the weekend……..

Surf Conditions for the Weekend

Up comes the swell and hard blows the wind again, the weekend looming with more stormy conditions on the horizon!

The wind is likely to have swung to the south sou’ west by Friday, steadily strengthening through the day and starting to gust a bit overnight.

But it is going to be Saturday morning when it blows itself into a bit of a hooley again, perhaps not as strong as we have recently seen but gusting through with some feeling!

Strong west sou’ westerly winds are going to be driving some nasty squalls our way, the wind gusting up to 50 mph here and there, strong enough to rattle your windows and shake your gates, while pushing up another mountainous swell!

Yep, our already battered little coastline is going to take another slapping, those big (almost 8 metre!) spring tides causing their own surge too!

So, our eyes will be back on those spots that normally only break every now and again, once or twice a year usually! The surf at those sheltered breaks that we have come to know quite intimately this Winter, should be good again! Yep, we can expect that big lefthander to roll along, while the thrashing peak around that corner will be heavy, heavy, heavy!

And then there are those breaks that are tucked away, a drive, a walk, a scramble and a climb away! Could just be worth it though, especially if a longer board is your weapon of choice!

But take it easy out there again! Boards can be replaced, people can be more difficult to!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!