Constantine (4*):  5 ft

Smooth-faced and lively looking, overhead (just) surf is sliding ashore this morning, those hollow walled reelers spinning off the Reef at almost high tide.
The hazy, front lit view is brightening by the minute as that time lagged sunrise crawls over the horizon.
It is all looking good, really very good, this morning!
The swell is a proper, lined up and nicely groomed four to five foot groundswell, moving with purpose, unhurried but swift and the breeze is steady, an offshore lightness holding that early morning chill.
We are in for a very pleasant day of surfing I think!

Thanks for all the job applications, hopefully we are gradually getting there with our team rebuild! We still have gaps though so if you are interested then drop me a mail!
Although, Kelly, I did say that nothing is certain! You might have been a bit presumptuous kicking Quik into the long grass just yet. There is still that interview process to go through (!
And good to hear that Tom Meyerhoffer was over here last week at the Design Council thing in London. And what a great place to launch his admittedly bizarre looking new board design(as if the older ones weren’t weird enough!).
I don’t pretend to understand the hydrodynamics of a rectangular plan shape with perpendicular rail flow and mid length positioning of circular fins and I have not yet grasped the principle involved with that rigid-flex ‘step back’ tail but you have to love the use of straw as a core. Modern-retro indeed!

Rhys Barfield and Team GB Junior Squad have safely arrived in Ecuador for the ISA World Junior Championships. But he and the rest of the groms are still desperately trying to raise the funds necessary to be there without bankrupting their mums and dads.
 Since the mega surf companies aren’t yet embarrassed enough to provide any support for the U.K. Groms, it’s down to everyone else to do it!
There’s only a day or so left to pledge your support for British surfing’s future! So go to and pay a little back to the kids!
  Here’s a clip of Rhys while in Australia a week or two ago…

Reflections from Rhys Barfield on Vimeo.

Harlyn (2*):  2 ft



There are some nice little waves glassily swishing across the sand here this morning too.
The tide is almost high and so those two foot waves are breaking in too deep water and then swooping across that high tide barrage, still making life uneasy for the residents.
If the other side wasn’t so good this would be a fun, gliding option. A very pleasant place to be long boarding on this bright and brightening morning. But the other side is that good! And so it is worth making the journey over the headland to the other side where it is firing!
But if Harlyn is your thing, then you should get some fun little snappy gliders on a longboard.


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide: 13:44   (0.3m)          High Tide: 19:354  (7.5m)


Surf Forecast for Wednesday 2nd April 2014

It does look as though the surf might be smaller today, a couple of feet at best but a good couple of feet, all clean and offshore and hollow and peeling and stuff but not much bigger than hip to shoulder high on an average surfer (and the average surfer is rarely a giant).
So pull out the longboard or shake down the fish, gliding wavs are here today. Don’t get excited by the weather though, it might just be a dull one all day!

Surf Conditions for the Start of the Week

You have got to be loving this!
The week looks set to start out with a new swell rolling our way with a high teens wave-period to it, a clean and powerful little swell, caressed by a light offshore first thing on Monday.
Although the wind might back to the south west through midday, the swell should have built enough to get some clean surf into Harlyn by then.
Tuesday looks like a day of steady off shores blowing against a solid three foot swell. All of our favoured surf breaks should be spilling rippable surf all day long and while the size will drop by Wednesday, those peeling waves will continue to be reeling across our surf breaks all day long!
So, go grab your favourite surfboard, wax it up and enjoy another great week of super fun surf!
Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!