At 7.40 a.m:

Constantine (4*):  6 to 8 feet.


So, the wind has dropped, the sky and sea are merging into a blur and there are waves grinding through that grey and sodden dampness.
Six to eight feet of churning waves are powering onto the rocks and sandbars that scatter the coastline.
The wind is forecast to stay relatively light and from the south, the skies should brighten as the day goes on and the swell should steady itself by this afternoon.
A few of the guys are down the coast at the Cribbar just waiting for the tide to drop out, while others are up the coast waiting for a big left-hander to start wrapping across the pebbles and rocks of an only occasionally surfed superbreak.
The surf is pumping and pretty much every break along the coast will have some sort of surf!
Just pick your favourite spot and have a great day!



Harlyn (4*):  3 to 4 feet.


Chunky little waves are washing in here this morning, which is just as well since the car park is already full of expectant wave riders from all over.
Three to maybe just about four feet of warpy and tide-crumbled lines are stuttering onto the beach at about mid-tide on the drop.  All that water from an almost 8 meter tide is pulling against those thick little waves, making for fairly tricky conditions.
But it is only going to get better!
As the tide pushes and the skies brighten, that swell should smooth self out, the wind staying light and from the south, helping to manicure those waves.
It’s good but it is likely to get really good later!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  11:12  (0.6m)              High Tide:  17:04  (7.9m)


Surf Forecast for Wednesday 28th October 2015

That swell should have steadied itself ad smoothed itself out, dropping in size but keeping its strength.
There to four feet of well spaced swell should be producing a clean three to four feet of clean surf at the main breaks, a couple to three feet at the sheltered spots.
The wind is happy to stay from the south and the skies should clear and brighten too.
Yep, it looks like fun again!


Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

It looks as though we could be in for a wave drenched week!
There’s a big old depression marching up to the south west approaches pushing a whole heap of swell ahead of it. Hopefully the low itself should just brush past us but the swell should roar our way.
The surf increased a lot through Monday, going from a couple to three feet in the morning to double or treble that by dusk.
By Tuesday the surf should be well within the ‘big’ range, the first swell of the autumn with that solid ‘winter’ feel to it. Hopefully the wind should have lightened up and should stay just about offshore.
Conditions are likely to have settled a lot by Wednesday as we go into midweek, the wind staying southerly going south westerly, Harlyn directly benefiting from that.
Yep, it’s all looking good for some thumping surf to kick this week off.

In fact the surf is looking so good that it seems to have tempted the internet’s original surf forecaster, SJ, out of semi-retirement. Here’s what he has to say (and remember, he doesn’t use capitals LIGHTLY!):

Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

SJ’s Surf Forecast for the SW
Forecast updated at 00:10 Monday 26th October 2015
[Don’t forget to look at this forecast the day before you go beach for the latest, as things can often change!]

The Last 9 years…:
It’s been 9 years since this forecast stopped being broadcast regularly online, on BBC Radio, and on TV, and for the British Surfing Association. I went on my travels for six months from October 2006 to March 2007. was put up for sale, which Friday-Ad bought in the Summer of 2007 and I was officially on ‘gardening leave’ for a ‘while’. The recession hit in September 2007, and the industry changed, the British Surfing Association went, and has now been replaced by The great guys at including Ben Freeston took up the mantle and pushed the boundaries and limits of free surfing information on the web even further and for many they became the one stop place for surfing online – having recently been bought out by an international company. So now is time to bring a little something back to British surfing… As for me, I have grown a little older and wiser, met a great lady in my wife where we work on her social enterprise helping vulnerable adults and we have an amazing young daughter – happy days 🙂

Tuesday 27th:
STONKING! Take care out there.
Swell direction approx – (i) very-strong WSW
Wind direction approx – light to medium S
Weather outlook – overcast with heavy showers, possibly drying out in the afternoon
North Coast approx – 12ft (double over-head) going 6-8ft (over-head)
South Coast approx – 4-6ft (chest to head-high) going 3ft (waist-high)
Tides – 10:51 Low, 16:46 High (spring tides)

Wednesday 28th:
A drop in size, and the cross-shores on the North will dictate shelter.
Swell direction approx – (i) medium SW
Wind direction approx – medium S going S-SW
Weather outlook – brighter day, mostly dry, with some sunshine and the odd light shower
North Coast approx – 5-6ft (shoulder to head-high)
South Coast approx – 3-4ft (waist to chest-high)
Tides – 11:33 Low, 17:31 High (spring tides)

Thursday 29th:
Too far away to tell accurately, but the swell will still be there, it’ll just weaken during the day.
Swell direction approx – (i) medium SW going weak WSW
Wind direction approx – changeable (!)
Weather outlook – overcast but dry
North Coast approx – 5-6ft (shoulder to head-high)
South Coast approx – 3ft (waist-high)
Tides – 12:18 Low (spring tide)

Friday 30th:
Early days – should be swell but the fine detail on size and wind direction will become clearer a couple of days before.
Swell direction approx – (i) strong going medium W
Wind direction approx – changeable (!)
Weather outlook – overcast and rainy in the morning,with the rain dying our in the afternoon
North Coast approx – 6ft (headhigh) going 3-4ft (waist to chest-high)
South Coast approx – 1-3ft (knee to waist-high) going (1-2 ft / knee-high)
Tides – 06:36 Low, 13:03 High

Weekend Summary:
Too early to tell yet. Initial signs are for plenty of waves but you’d need to wait until mid-week to have an idea what the wind etc will be doing!

Thanks SJ! Any chance of making this a regular thing?