At 8.15 a.m:

Constantine (1*):  4 feet.


A bright and more peaceful morning is cheering us up this morning, a bit colder than it has been but none the worse for that.
With a waning moon still big and fat, lazily lounging above the Reef, it is prettier down here than it has been for some time.
The surf is still a mess though, although, again, better than it has been for a long time.
There’s three to four feet of stumbling and halting peaks bouncing into the bay, the wind nowhere near as fierce as it has been and almost but just almost, offshore.
It is okay and if it was summer, we would be all over it but even with these continuing mild water temperatures, it looks like a lot of cold paddling for little reward. The tide might improve it all as it drops back but then that wind probably isn’t going to stay so gentle for long! This might very well be it at its best for the next few days at least! We are just about to get the tail winds from that storm Frank as it batters into the north of the country.



Harlyn (3*):  1 to 2 feet.


There are little waves prettily peeling into the bay just as the tide is starting to drop, that backdrop moon adding a little picturesqueness to it all.
But that surf is real small, a foot or two of glassy and appealing little stuff, quite enticing after the last few weeks of battling it all! But make the most of it if you like those pretty little waves, it’s all going to change soon enough!
We should be seeing some more size washing in here by this evening!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:10  (1.5m)              High Tide:  20:03  (6.9m)


Surf Forecast for Wednesday 30th December 2015

Not a difficult day to predict, as Storm Frank whooshes up the north atlantic, we’re going to feel the effect of those trailing winds. That mild air is going to be as wet as can be too with some very heavy squalls depositing a whole heap of water over us!
The surf?
It’s probably going to be as big as it gets and as blown out as it gets!
Those super sheltered spots are going to be the only option today with even Harlyn likely to be pretty big!


Surf Conditions for the Rest of Christmas Week

This Christmas week looks as though it is going to be a continuation of the last few weeks, with more wind blowing strongly, mainly from the south and west, bringing plenty of damp but mild air our way while pushing lots of swells in too but then making for blown out conditions at all but the more sheltered, more northerly facing surf breaks.
Yep, another week of wet ’n windy conditions awaits with loads of growling surf easing into our coves and bays.
It looks like it’s going to get into the ‘real big’ size range by midweek again too with some out of control surf conditions aiming our way!
Have a fabulous Christmas Week, wherever you area and whatever you’re doing!

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