Constantine (*):  3 feet

at 6.20 a.m:


The wind has eased this morning but just a little.
It is still swooping in from the north west, a cold and noisy blow that continues to junk out today’s smaller surf. Otherwise it is a bright enough day, that patchwork of cloud thinner than it has been, those clouds brighter and whiter, that wind continuing to howl and chill.
It’s not the place to come for a surf again today, not in this wind. The south coast is likely to be only small again too but it is still our best option for some clean conditions!

We are looking for a store supervisor/assistant manager to be involved with the day-to-day running of the shop.
This is a full time and permanent year-round, salaried position.
We would like to find someone with that mix of previous retail experience, a love and knowledge of all things surfy and at least a basic understanding of how a wetsuit should fit. Training will also be provided though.
So if you fancy it or know of someone that would be suitable address a CV to [email protected].


Harlyn (0*):  2 feet


The surf is small around here this morning, small and blown to chop by that brisk north westerly wind.
It is a beautiful scene still this morning but again, it’s not the place to head for a surf, not today!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  14:02  (0.8m)              High Tide:  19:56  (7.2m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 21st May 2015

And on the wind blows!
That brisk north westerly, onshore wind continues to junk the surf out today while keeping the temperatures down on what would otherwise be a bright and cheerful day.
It’s likely to be no more than a couple of feet and a very choppy and messy couple of feet at that!
But it should also be bright and cheery too!


Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

Stormy conditions are continuing to plague us this week, those howling north westerly winds destroying the weak and localised but quite big swells.
The weather is likely to be bright enough in between the squalls, that wind holding down the temperatures which could be very pleasant out of the wind but not very summer-like when it gusts.
The wind should ease through midweek but is likely to remain fresh and stubbornly from the north westerly, onshore and cold!
Our best chance of surfing clean waves this week is by journeying over to the far coast – if it’s big enough over there!
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!