Constantine (1*) – 6-8′

The swell is whomping through again this morning with big (not huge) outside waves churning themselves inside out as they hit the shore.

Unfortunately that wind is onshore, westerly or maybe just a little north westerly and so is making a mess of it all. The occasional inside one is warping itself into a beach-wide spinner but you would have to put up with a lot of bouncing around waiting for them.

The wind is forecast to settle to the north west, fresh enough to keep the surf mixed up for the rest of the day. Otherwise it is quite a pleasant day, bright enough and mild enough. I wonder whether there are decent waves over on the far coast?

Anyway, it’s a bit of a mess here, a bouncy mixed up and sloppy mess that is probably best left to the seals and porpoises today.

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Harlyn (1*) – 3-4′


It’s a bit messy around here this morning as well. Not as mixed up as the other side but the wind is side shore, almost onshore and forecast to go more onshore through the morning.

Right now there are three, maybe four foot waves bumping in off the Rock, shakily breaking their way to shallower water, a bit uncertain, a bit bumpy and a bit lumpy too.

No, it’s the other side if you want clean conditions for today!

Today’s Tide Times:

High Tide: 08:42 (6.7m) Low Tide: 15:08 (1.8m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 23rd January 2014

It’s looking pretty much the same again today but maybe with a slightly bigger swell, a slightly stronger wind and a slightly smaller wave period.

So it’s more of a definite South Coast day today!

Surf Forecast for the start of the week

As always the wind is going to play a large part in deciding how good the surf might be this coming week and with mainly west to north westerly winds being forecast, it’s not looking that promising!

I suppose that after this last few weeks (or months even!) of powering surf on a daily basis, it had to change sometime.

But don’t be too dismayed, there is likely to still be plenty of surf, it’s just the wind direction that is going to make for sloppier conditions than we have been used to for a good little while now.

The surf should be powering in at a good three or four feet to start the week, doubling in size by midweek, still with a double digit wave period, the only annoyance being the onshore wind blowing from the north west.

Let’s hope that it’s not that strong, the forecasts are showing a steady north westerly, just a little stronger than light.

By midweek the wind will have settled to the west and is likely to stay there for the west of the week. And with the swell peaking midweek at six feet plus then you have to wonder about the far coast?

Anyway, there will be plenty of surf throughout the week ahead, it just might not be that pristine gorgeousness that we would all like!

Have a great week, whatever you’re doing!