At 7.00 a.m:

Constantine (3*):  2 feet.


A light lace canopy of silver cloud is blanketing us this morning, another still morning with the lightest of breezes drifting across the bay.
The surf is small, a foot or two of immaculately shaped little peaks diving distractedly to the beach.
It is all atmospheric and moody and you would have to think that we might see the odd downpour but there should also be some brightness too as we glide along those smooth silver turquoise waves all day long!



Harlyn (0*):  0 to 1 foot


The surf is almost flat with tiny little waves washing noisily into the stillness of the bay.
Six inches of liquid turquoise is spilling ashore, all pretty and moody and beautiful to look at but not surfable.
It’s the other side again for some fun surf on a still day!


Today’s Tide Times:

Low Tide:  16:55  (1.8m)              High Tide:  10:36  (6.3m)


Surf Forecast for Thursday 14th April 2016

That small but solid little swell should continue to spill ashore, held up and shaped by that same steady offshore (south easterly) breeze.
Throw in some bright and cheery sunshine here and there and it all looks like a perfect recipe for a fun filled early spring day of surf gliding in some small but exquisite little waves!


Surf Conditions for the Rest of the Week

Clean and glassy, bright conditions look settled enough for the next few days, the breeze set light and offshore, the swell steady at a couple of feet.
The weather should stay mainly good too, maybe with the odd heavy shower here and there but very localised and intense but short lived.
The surf is likely to be peaking and reeling in sync with the tides and at the mercy of breeze.
We should notice some flat spots as the tides hit the deep bits of the bays but we should also enjoy some fun and hollow little spinners when the tide hits the shallows.
The swell should thicken and become more solid as we go along, not necessarily just bigger but more organised, more lined up and hollower.
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!