The Surfworx Banshee mini-mal softboard comes ready to go with fins and a leash.
It would make the perfect surfboard for those who are keen to advance their surfing skills.
Constructed with a High Density closed cell foam core the Banshee Mini-Mal is lightweight and, should you be unlucky enough to damage the outer durable EBS deck skin the board won’t soak up water, become waterlogged and then un-surfable.
Twin resin coated, laminated wooden stringers run the length of the board helping it maintain its shape and perform like a good quality “hard” surfboard. The slick bottom has an ‘optical’ print which looks stunning.
The High Density deck skin is very durable and will keep the Banshee mini-mal performing for years.

The Surfworx Banshee Minimal has a great 3-fin system which is a real step-up from the normal ‘push through the deck’ soft fins normally supplied on soft surfboards. This fin system is also compatible with FCS twin tab fins so you can upgrade or utilize your own fins should you wish.
The Banshee Minimal is the perfect shape, wide in the nose and tail with a nice flat rocker so perfect for catching plenty of waves and nice and stable once you’re up and riding.
The Banshee mini-mal would make the perfect first surfboard for kids and would also work for a lightweight competent adult looking for a fun softboard.

The Surfworx surfboard range is all about putting a smile on your face, after a summer of playing around with the whole range of boards it seems to have worked, we’re all smiling!


• High Density Dynamic Core
• Multi Layered Resin coated Laminated Wood Stringers
• High Density Polyurethane Slick Bottom (HDPE)
• High Density Durable EBS Deck Skin
• Optical Slick
• Comp Fin System (Bolt through FCS compatible)
Ability:         Beginner
Rider:          Teen/Adult Up to 85kg
Conditions:  Knee to head high waves

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